Boost Your Chances For An Instant Loan Approval

Handling your financial responsibilities, regardless of whether they are to optimize your kitchen or to pay off your credit card bills can prove to be costly. In such a situation opting for an instant loan online can prove to be beneficial.

Personal loans are mostly unsecured loans i.e they do not require any collaterals or pledge any asset to secure a loan. This is what makes an instant personal loan an attractive financing option. Since these are unsecured in nature, lenders rely on different factors to determine the creditworthiness of the borrower. This is why it is crucial to be in a strong financial position when applying for an online instant loan.

5 useful tips for boosting your eligibility for a personal loan are:

  1. Include all your income sources: The repaying capacity of a person is determined by the lender. Because of this, all your sources of income and additional income, if any should be included to determine your eligibility to apply for an instant loan.
  1. Reduce debt-to-income ratio: To lower off the debt-to-income ratio, timely repayments of existing loans and credit card payments can prove to be beneficial before applying for an instant personal loan. The present credit card dues and debts may make one appear credit hungry, hindering your chances to apply for a personal loan.
  1. Enhancing and maintaining the Credit Score: A person’s qualification for an instant loan depends upon the credit score of the borrower. The higher your score is, the better are your chances to get a personal loan. A credit score of 800 or more is considered to be good. A score less than 800 is considered to be a high-risk borrower.
  1. Make sure you fulfill the eligibility criteria: A loan application can be rejected if the eligibility criteria is not met. That is why it is recommended to double-check the personal loan eligibility criteria before opting for a personal loan. If you are in urgent need of funds then you can instantly apply with PAISAINTIME as they offer easy eligibility criteria with instant approvals for loans up to Rs. 1 lakh with minimum documentation.

The eligibility conditions for PAISAINTIME are as follows:


(b) Income Source

(c) Bank account status of last 6 months

(d) Documents required: Aadhar and PAN

(E) CIBIL report

(f) Salary Slip of the past 6 months

  1. Avoid applying for multiple loans: When a borrower is applying for a personal loan, lenders raise an inquiry with the Credit Bureau to determine your creditworthiness. These inquiries are considered to be hard inquiries making the applicant seem credit hungry which in turn makes him a high-risk borrower. This is why it is best to evaluate your options before applying for an online instant loan.

  1. Borrow the right loan amount: The amount that the loan is required for should be borrowed only as much is needed. Being offered a large loan amount does not require you to take it. The larger the amount is, the more interest is levied on it. This is why assessing needs before applying for a loan amount is crucial.

By fulfilling these conditions one just has to get their essential documents verified in order to complete the loan sanctioning process.

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